Vertical Milling

Max Travel: x-43", y-25", z-23"

 2001 Femco FV-30
 2007 twinhorn VH1010
2010 Femco V160

2010 Femco V160
 2011 Toyoda Stealth 1165
 2012 Twinhorn VH1010
 2012 Hwacheon Vesta1000
 2014 Yama Seiki AV1060
 2016 Yama Seiki AV1000
 2018 Yama Seiki AV1000

2019 Yama Seiki AV1000

2011 Mazak Nexus 410B-II

 2013 OKK HM500s/40
Travel: X-24.8", y-24.4", z-27.95"
Table Size: 19.68"
2 Pallets

Horizontal Milling
Swiss turning

We believe in technology and are frequently upgrading our equipment to provide our customers with the best quality there is on the market. The efficiency of our CNC machines allows us to keep costs at a minimum, without sacrificing quality. If you think your project fits within our scope of work, please click the submit RFQ button -- we would love to hear from you! 

On time delivery







2004 Eurotech Elite SLY735
Y axis with bar feeder
2.75" Thru DIA

 2013 Eurotech Elite B446L/Y2
Twin Turret, Y Axis with Bar feeder
2.00" Thru DIA

 2018 Eurotech Elite 735SLY
2005 Femco durga 25
24 Station Lathe

1997 Femco Durga 25
24 Station Lathe

 Twiukasau Engine Lathe
16" DIA x 30" Length

 2012 Ganesh Cyclone 32CS
Live Tooling
32 Tool Capacity
With Edge Patriot 12ft bar feeder

 2013 Ganesh Cyclone 32CS
Live Tooling
32 Tool Capacity
With Edge Patriot 12ft Bar Feeder

2011 Sodick wire EDM AG400L
Travel: X-15.7" y-11", Z-9.8"

2015 Omax/Maxiem 1530 waterjet
5ft x 10ft cutting area

2011 Kent SGS-1230AHD Surface Grinder

 Mitutoyo Crysta - PM443
Keyence XM Series 

 Digital height gage:
Brown & Sharpe Micro-hite 600